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Despite his illness, Smith knew he must wind the fog-bell striking mechanism every few hours.Braving the storm, he was struck in the chest by a wave that flung him backward, but he continued climbing into the machinery building to wind the bell.

Long Point Lighthouse guided ships into the harbor and warned of a sandbar that extended seaward a quarter mile from the tip of the point.My wife and a lady friend expressed their fear that our house would be swept away.I pointed to our outside water tank, an immense cask, nearly filled with fresh water, weighing a ton at least, which stood under the eaves and told them that they need not fear as long as it remained there.Smith described the storm to the Boston Daily Globe in an 1899 article: On the morning of Nov. The buildings shook and cracked ominously under the push of the hurricane, but the greatest danger threatening was that of the waves.The air was full of water salt water, blown like fog from the crests of the seas The tide kept rising until at last it was four feet deep all around the house.

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