Dating my singer sewing machine

The following chart is provided to help you have a better idea of when your Singer Featherweight was manufactured.

10/21/53 *****limited production run (400 units) 222K_ EJ 226439-23 ….. The exact number of Featherweights actually produced is not known. As a classic example: I own a 1951 "badged" Centennial of Sewing machine that obviously is from 1951.However, the serial number on the machine is from 1949. 10/14/53 *****limited production run (200 units) 222K_ EJ 226039-226438 ….. The Singer Sewing Machine Company has published the complete list of serial numbers reserved for each production run of the Featherweight. 10/01/53 *****limited production run (200 units) 222K_ EJ 225-226038 ….. Detalied information about transitional production runs is available at the ISMACS website.

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