Bi rain dating megan fox

But so far, the singer – who is often referred to as the Korean Justin Timberlake – has blown off the 23-year-old bombshell!“Megan has had a huge crush on Rain for some time,” an insider told The Enquirer.“It’s a tough pill for Megan to swallow that she’s getting blown off by a guy most Americans have never heard of,” maintained the insider.“Her ego is bruised.” Megan isn’t ready to throw in the towel, though. “In fact, his seeming disinterest means she’s going to try even harder to land a date with him… Yahoo News wrote an article about Rain and Megan Fox…

On the afternoon of the 26th in Seoul Yeouido's IFC mall, Megan Fox attended the premier red carpet event for the movie 'Ninja Turtles'.“He totally rejected her.” As previously reported, Megan turned to Shia La Beouf for comfort after her split with Brian, but soon decided she’d rather have him as a friend than a lover,” says the insider.Although Rain is a multimillion-selling pop star, model and fashion designer, he’s virtually unknown in the United States.She revealed that she thought it was a shame that she couldn't respond to Rain's Ice Bucket Challenge nomination because she had the flu.Amongst those mentioned in Rain's Ice Bucket Challenge, Psy and Lee Byeonghun, Megan Fox's nomination caught peoples attention.

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